Viewing Responses

To view responses on a form, click the Responses tab in the center of the nav bar when opening a form in the Dashboard.

As responses come in, they are processed and can be viewed in two ways: as a summary, or as a table. Additionally the Responses AI Chat can be used to ask questions about the responses, such as receiving intelligent digests of all responses.

Responses Summary

The Responses Summary view provides a helpful overview of responses as they come in, processed to display data relevant to the type of question. For example, an NPS question will display a breakdown of detractors and promoters, while an opinion question will group responses by the rating they gave on a question.

Responses Table

The Responses Table lists all the responses in more of a "raw" format, much like a spreadsheet. Each row represents a response and the columns represent each question on the form.

Responses AI Chat

For the best experience, we recommend using the Responses AI Chat to ask questions of the response data and to get fast and intelligent response digests to save time reading through hundreds if not thousands of responses.