AI Chat for Forms

Outerform AI Chat can help you make changes to your form as you build it.

For example, you can add new questions, edit existing questions, move questions, and remove questions.

Outerform AI Chat can generate new question content and pre-fill inputs such as dropdown boxes.

Opening Outerform AI Chat for Forms

To use Outerform AI Chat while working on an existing form, first open the form in the designer by clicking a form from the Dashboard, then click the AI Chat button in the bottom right of the designer or use the cmd+k (ctrl+k on windows) shortcut:

Outerform AI Button

Using Outerofrm AI Chat for Forms

Once the Chat popover is open, the chat system can be engaged with by asking the Outerform AI to make changes to the form.

For example, in the below demo we ask the AI Chat to add a question to ask the if it's okay that we contact them through email.

Outerform AI chat

The AI Chat can also be used to make changes to existing questions, such as changing the title of the question, the description, and to add/remove options from dropdowns. It can move questions to any part of the form such as the beginning/middle/end, and remove any questions as well.

One other powerful feature of the AI Chat is using its extensive knowledge to generate entirely new questions and get feedback on the question structure.