Embeding your forms

Once your form is Published, it can be either viewed full screen or embedded on a webpage.

To embed it, click the "Embed in web page" tab in the Publish popup in the form designer.

There are a number of embed options, such as "Inline", "Popup", and "FAB + Popup".

Using the Code

To embed the form, copy and paste the given embed code into the HTML or similar code for the website.

Some embed options are meant to be used programatically, such as the "Popup" option, so make sure to see the instructions below to use it correctly.

Emebdding Inline

Inline emebdding is the simplest, and simply renders the form in an iframe with the given dimensions from the embed code snippet.

To use this method, just copy and paste the code and the form will show up where the code is inserted.

Popup Embeds

The Popup embed option is meant to be used programatically, and will display in a full screen popup window as soon as the embed code is executed.

That means it's best to use this option when writing custom code to inject the embed snippet after a user event, such as a click of a custom button. Simply handle the event and inject the code anywhere on the page to open the full screen popup.

FAB + Popup

The FAB + Popup option creates a button for you and handles the Popup functionality automatically. It does this by creating a Floating Action Button (known as a FAB) in the bottom right corner of the website viewport. When clicked, the full screen popup experience is loaded for the form.

This is a great option for displaying a support or feedback form that will have a persistent button on the screen.