Creating Forms

Creating a form with AI

New forms can be created using a natural language description of the form. To do this, navigate to the Dashboard and enter a description of the form you'd like to build, along with the types of questions to include.

Here's an example with the prompt "Build a survey form asking users their political affiliation, and how they view the state of the economy, with questions on housing and the job market. Include demographic questions"

Create from AI

Which results in this form being created:

Create from AI

Here's the full experience:

Create from AI Demo

Creating a blank form

Blank forms can also be created using the "New Form" button on the Dashboard.

Using AI to build a form

After a form is created, AI assist can be used to add new questions, modify existing ones, remove questions, move questions, and perform other tasks.

To learn more, view the Forms AI Chat docs.