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Welcome to Outerform

The online form builder world is overdue for a revolution. Most form-building tools out there feel like relics from a bygone era, with a slow manual design process, outdated form controls, and poor visual appeal of created forms.

At Outerform, we're out to change that. We're bringing AI into the core of the experience so it's as easy as describing the form you want to build and having it created for you. And you'll get smart, AI-powered digests of all the responses you collect delivered in realtime, without having to sift through hundreds if not thousands of responses manually.

We also think form builders need to be accessible to everyone. The high-end form builders have priced themselves out of reach for most people, targeting large enterprises and leaving the rest of us with subpar options. Outerform is different. We're committed to providing a top-tier form-building experience that's affordable and accessible. Everyone deserves access to great tools, not just the big players.

Our team has a long history of building web creation tools. As the co-founders of Ionic, one of the most popular app development platforms in the world, we've spent years helping creative people build digital experiences and we're excited to bring that expertise to the world of surveys and web forms.

We have an ambitious roadmap for Outerform. Our goal is to create the best form builder out there, one with AI at the core, continuously evolving and improving based on your feedback. We're excited about what's ahead and invite you to join us on this journey. Together, let's redefine what's possible with web forms.

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