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Top 10 Use Cases for Online Forms

Online forms are an incredibly ubiquitous tool for simplifying and streamlining many aspects of business and personal information gathering. We've all filled out a form at some point or another, or maybe even created some. From gathering feedback to managing event registrations, they make large data collection and organization possible. In this post, I'll cover what I believe to be the top 10 use cases for online forms, and how how they benefit various scenarios.

1. Customer feedback and satisfaction

I would argue that collecting customer feedback is necessary for any business looking to improve its products or services. Online forms make it easy to reach out to customers and get their opinions without much hassle. With a simple form, you can gather real insights into what your customers think about your offerings, helping you identify areas for improvement and areas where you're meeting or exceeding their expectations.

Creating a customer feedback form doesn't have to be complicated. Simple questions about their experience, satisfaction level, and any suggestions they have can provide a wealth of information. Plus, online forms can be easily distributed via email, social media, or even embedded directly on your website or app, making it convenient for customers to share their thoughts anytime.

Try this simple Customer Feedback Survey starter template:

Customer Feedback Survey Template

Lead generation and contact forms

Lead generation is an important part of growing any business, and online forms are perfect for capturing potential leads. A well-designed contact form on your website can help you collect information from visitors who are interested in your products or services. This data can then be passed to the sales team to follow up and try to convert these leads into customers.

To maximize the effectiveness of your lead generation forms, keep them simple and to the point. Try to only ask for essential information like name, email, and a brief message about their inquiry. At my last company, we would offer something in return, like a free ebook or whitepaper, which enticed more people to fill out the form.

Here's an Outerform-generated Lead Generation Template starter template you can try:

Lead Generation Template

Event registrations and RSVPs

Organizing an event can be a logistical nightmare, but online forms can take a lot of the stress out of managing registrations and RSVPs. These forms allow attendees to sign up quickly, providing you with whatever information you asked for, all in one place. You can easily track who's coming, collect any special requests, and even handle payments if needed.

When designing an event registration form, make sure to include fields for all the essential details like name, contact information, and the type of ticket or attendance they prefer. Including a few optional questions about dietary restrictions or special accommodations can help you better prepare for an event where attendees will be eating. Some common events where utilizing a form is particularly useful are conferences, weddings, parties, webinars, fundraisers, and sporting events.

Below is a simple Outerform template you can use for event registrations:

Event Registration Template

Job applications and recruitment

Streamlining your hiring process with a form is a lightweight solution that can save you a ton time and make it easier to manage candidates. These forms allow applicants to submit their information, resumes, cover letters, and whatever else required—directly through your website. You can then review all submissions in one centralized location (like the Outerform Results Hub), making it easy to compare candidates and make informed hiring decisions.

A good job application form should include fields for contact details, work experience, education, and any other relevant information. Additionally, you can ask specific questions related to the role or to your company's culture in order to gauge their suitability. While it's possible to embed these forms on your website, another option would be integrating them with your recruitment software to further streamline the process.

Feel free to clone our Job Application Template below to get going:

Job Application Template

Online orders and payments

E-commerce has become, unarguably, a staple of modern business, and online forms are the vehicle facilitating millions of daily transactions all across the web. These forms enable customers to place orders and make payments directly through a website, providing a convenient shopping experience. By automating this process, you can reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction.

When setting up an order and payment form, focus on user-friendliness and emphasize security. Make sure the form is easy to navigate, with clear instructions and prompts. Include all necessary fields such as product details, shipping information, and payment options. Ensuring your form is secure with SSL encryption and trusted payment gateways is also essential to protect your customers' information.

Here's a simple Order Form template to get you started:

Order Form Template

Membership and subscription sign-ups

Growing a community? Have a newsletter? Managing memberships and subscriptions can be a headache without the right tools. A good online form simplifies this process by allowing users to sign up quickly and manage their subscriptions or data. Whether you're running a gym, a club, or an online service, these forms can help you keep track of members and their preferences.

An effective membership sign-up form should capture all relevant details such as contact information, membership type, and if necessary, payment details. Additionally, offering customization options like newsletters or special member benefits can enhance the user experience. Automated renewal reminders and easy cancellation options can also help maintain positive relationships with your members.

This simple Sign Up Template can get you going:

Sign Up Form Template

Market research surveys

Conducting market research is vital for understanding your audience and staying ahead of trends. Online survey forms make it easy to collect detailed responses from a wide range of participants. These forms can be customized to ask about preferences, behaviors, and opinions, providing you with actionable insights.

When designing a survey form, think about what information you need and how to ask for it clearly. Mix up question types, including multiple-choice, rating scales, and open-ended questions to keep respondents engaged. Tools that analyze survey data can help you quickly interpret the results and make informed decisions based on the feedback.

Below is a simple Outerform survey template to get you started:

Market Research Survey Form Template

Incident and complaint reporting

Handling incidents and complaints efficiently is crucial for maintaining trust and satisfaction among your customers and employees. Using a form provides a straightforward way for people to report issues, ensuring that you capture all necessary details promptly. This can help you address problems quickly and effectively.

A good incident report form should ask for all relevant information, including the date, time, and nature of the incident, as well as any parties involved. Offering an option for anonymity can encourage more people to come forward with their concerns. Ensure that the process for submitting and reviewing these forms is clear and accessible to all potential users.

Here is a basic Incident Report Form you can use to start collecting responses:

Incident Report Form Template

Appointment & booking forms

Scheduling appointments and bookings can be a hassle, but online forms can simplify the process significantly. These forms allow clients to select available times, provide necessary details, and even make payments or deposits. This automation reduces the back-and-forth communication and helps ensure that everything is in order before the appointment.

To create an effective booking form, include fields for the type of service, preferred dates and times, and any specific requirements or notes. Integrating the form with your calendar system can help prevent double bookings and streamline your scheduling process. Clear instructions and a confirmation email can also enhance the user experience and reduce no-shows.

Start booking clients with our popular template below:

Appointment Booking Form Template

Internal Business Processes

Online forms aren’t just for external use—they can also greatly improve internal business processes. From IT requests to HR forms, these tools can help streamline operations and keep everything organized. Employees can submit their requests easily, and you can track and manage them efficiently.

Examples of internal forms include employee onboarding checklists, expense reimbursement requests, and project update forms. These forms should be straightforward and accessible, making it easy for employees to provide the necessary information. By digitizing these processes, you can reduce paperwork, save time, and improve overall efficiency within your organization.

Below is a Supervisor Evaluation Form, but you can find many others listed in our Templates Gallery.

Internal Business Ops Form Template

Wrapping it all up

Online forms are incredibly versatile and can be used in countless ways to streamline both personal and professional tasks. By incorporating them into your operations, you can improve efficiency, gather valuable data, and enhance user experiences. Whether you're collecting customer feedback, managing event registrations, or simplifying internal operations, online forms are an important tool in your toolbox.

If you need to build forms quickly, try Outerform's AI-generative form building and see how fast it can benefit your organization.

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