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Building Better Web Forms with AI

With the AI revolution under way, we wondered what the technology could do to revolutionize the world of web forms.

In our experience, building and processing forms for the web has consistently been one of the most time consuming yet important jobs we had to do as marketers, sales people, and developers. From the time it took to build quality forms and ask the right questions, to managing a large volume of replies to find the signal in the noise, we knew the process just wasn't working for most teams.

With Outerform, we're solving this problem by applying AI techniques to the creation and processing of web forms. Our AI-powered form builder lets you describe the form you want to build in plain language, and it will create the form automatically for you. No more dragging and dropping form elements, no more wondering if you're asking the right questions. On top of that, Outerform processess responses automatically to give you a digest of the most important insights, so you can spend less time finding the key takeaways from your form responses.

Let's give this a try with a quick example. Say we want to build a Bug Report form for users to submit issues with the website. With the Outerform AI we can just describe the form we want and create it:

Create from AI

Which results in this form automatically being created in seconds for us:

Bug Report Form

That's a far cry from the old way of building forms through drag and drop!

If this is interesting, please give Outerform a try. We're on a mission to make the lives of go-to-market teams and developers easier than ever through the power of AI. We can't wait to see what you build with Outerform!

Start building better forms today