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Announcing AI Chat with your forms

Today we are excited to roll out our largest update yet to Outerform: AI chat with your forms and responses.

With Outerform AI, you can now build, modify, and process your forms and form responses. On top of that, the full power of modern AI tools is at your fingertips, making it possible to draw on the deep knowledge of the model to generate new question content, ask for suggestions, and receive intelligent digests from your response data.

AI Assist is now available to all Outerform users in the Build and Responses tab when opening your form, just click the button in the bottom right of the screen or use the Cmd+k shortcut (Ctrl+k on Windows):

Outerform AI Button

Form Building with AI

With Outerform AI Chat in the Build tab, use the AI to add, edit, remove, or move questions anywhere on the form. Use the AI to generate content for questions, drawing on the wealth of knowledge available in the AI.

Here's a quick demo:

Chat with your forms

Response Analysis with AI

With Outerform AI Chat in the Responses tab, get digests of all form responses or responses to specific fields. See patterns and key takeaways without having to manually process each response.

Here's a quick demo:

Chat with your responses

The AI Mindset

While this method of working with a form is new, the possibilities are endless. To take full advantage of this capability, we recommend having a real conversation with the assistant and use it to develop new questions and get its opinion on the current state of your form and response data.

We look forward to the creative ways the Outerform community will put this new capability to use.

Start building better forms today